Billy Lind is available for speaking engagements. Some of Billy's most passionate topics include:
Drug Addiction
Alcohol Addiction
Sex Addiction
Runaway Teens
Broken Homes
Prostitution (male & female)
Teen Peer  Pressures
Battered Youth, Women, & Children
Child Abuse & Molestation
Prison Ministry (juvenile & adult)

Having lived through both tribulation and trials, Billy Lind gives God all the glory for his triumphs! Now he is equipping others to face their "giants" one day at a time, with Jesus Christ by your side. His testimony will move your spirit, and touch your hearts with the power of the Holy Spirit, making the impossible seem but stepping stones to a greater destiny, peace and joy.  Though  his wounds are healed, he doesn't want his scars removed.  For they serve as a reminder, that with God nothing is impossible.
The above topics are just the top few Billy is able to speak on, and he is passionate about evangelization and preaching of the word. He will give a message that is well suited for your congregation/audience.

To book Billy, please email us at: BillyLind2005@yahoo.com
Or call us at: (352) 201-2056

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